Grow Marijuana with Hydroponics! – Kits, Cabinets, Tents & Grow Box Systems for Growing Medical & Recreational Cannabis

Medical and recreational marijuana is growing. You’re probably well aware that cannabis is now widely available in the United States and its acceptance continues to spread across the nation and the world. Our hydroponic grow systems allow cannabis connoisseurs to grow marijuana professionally using hydroponics with the finest grow products available.

You can produce exceptionally high quality marijuana that’s more potent than your competitors, easier to grow and rich in THC and CBD by using hydroponics. Trust us – it’s the best grow method for marijuana enthusiasts that take their cannabis results seriously. Our hydroponic grow kits make high yield marijuana crops a reality and they outperform traditional soil grow methods by 3 to 1. A quality grow box, grow kit or cabinet can make a huge difference in your results.

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Quality Grow Tents for Indoor or Outdoor Growing of Marijuana

#1 – Galaxy Grow Tents: Superior Quality Marijuana Tents

marijuana grow tentGalaxy grow tents make a fantastic base upon which to design your indoor hydroponics growing operation. Not only are they made of durable materials, but these grow tents are also available in several different size specifications.

Galaxy Grow Tents are also extremely popular among growers everywhere, given that they have very high reviews and ratings on internet retail sites. Selling between $220.00 and $370.00, depending on the sizing of the grow tent being selected, these represent an affordable way to get started on your own productive hydroponic cannabis growing operation.

Featuring steel corners and durable 25mm poles making up the framework of these Galaxy Grow Tents, along with heavy duty zippers, a utility pouch, an easily cleaned spill tray, and viewing windows so you can look inside without breaching the system. These tents also feature critical ventilation ports, and are available in the sizing options of 2’x4′, 3’x3′, 4’x4′, 5’x5′, and 4’x8′.

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Premium Grow Cabinets for Growing Concealed Indoor Cannabis

#1 – Cash Crop 5.0 – 6 Plant LED Hydroponic Grow Box

hydroponics grow box cabinet kitFor a sophisticated, high-tech, premium hydroponic grow box option, consider the Cash Crop 5.0 – 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box. This unit is attractive for hydroponics growers who are just starting out, since it includes almost all of the items and components you need to start growing.

This cannabis hydroponics grow box is not cheap, but when it comes to having a truly elite growing unit it is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. Featuring a six plant capacity, this grow box is capable of churning out a lot of high grade hydroponic cannabis with every yield.

This grow box includes six hydroponic net pots, six plant starter plugs, a set of RX Green Nutrients, an air pump, carbon protected exhaust and intake system with 80mm outlet fan, Next Generation Quasar LED Lighting, and an air stone for circulating and aerating water.

Handmade in the United States, this package has it all and comes highly recommended for the hydroponics grower operating at a beginner to intermediate level.

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#2 – Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0 – 9 Plant LED Grow Box

secret marijuana garden grow cabinetOffering a somewhat higher plant growing capacity, the Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0 9 Plant LED Grow Box offers a happy medium between discreetness and large cannabis yields.

This is another truly premium and elite quality marijuana hydroponics grow box, and will do exceptionally well regardless of whether it is growing sativa, indica, or hybrid strains of cannabis. All different types of cannabis will grow effectively in this Grandma’s Secret LED Grow Box, especially since this package has everything you need to get started. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to grow from seeds, or would rather start out using clones, this grow box can help to ensure that you end up with a bountiful harvest.

This package includes a 40 GPH submersible water pump, a powerful air pump for producing oxygenated water that plants thrive in, odor control via Ozium scent equalizer along with a carbon filter system, an outlet timer, high-tech reflective film, 9 hydroponic net pots, and 9 plant starter plugs made from peat moss.

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#3 – Growzilla 3.0 – 9 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

high yield hydroponics grow cabinetAlthough this marijuana hydroponics grow box is another one on the more pricey end of the spectrum, the level of quality and performance it delivers makes it well worth the price. The Growzilla 3.0 – 9 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box is no joke, and is capable of delivering some of the most potent cannabis you have ever seen in your life!

Being able to grow nine plants is also a helpful quality, even more so for people who need to yield a certain amount of weight in cannabis to be able to break even on their various cannabis grow start-up costs. This system from Growzilla uses an elite Mars Hydro LED Grow Lighting fixture to achieve nearly perfect results on your cannabis grow, every time. These lights are also quite efficient, putting out almost no ambient heat, as opposed to high pressure sodium lighting systems that put out tons of heat and can sometimes waste electricity. This kit includes a 40 GPH submersible water pump, an air stone and air hose for optimal oxygenation, a full kit of RX Green Nutrients, a grounded timer, door latches, a carbon exhaust and intake system, and Infrared Blocking Technology built in.

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#4 – Super Star – 16 Plant All In One Hydroponics Grow Box

marijuana grow cabinet boxFor the ultimate in marijuana hydroponics grow box systems, consider the Super Star – 16 Plant All In One Hydroponics Grow Box.

This basically represents the ultra-premium of hydroponics grow boxes, and it has a price tag to match its outstanding performance so it’s not for those just starting out unless you’ve got the budget to support it. Not many hydroponics grow box systems can boast the ability to grow a jaw-dropping sixteen plants at one time!

While using an outdoor growing method, or large scale open-air indoor grow method, sixteen plants might not seem like a lot, but in a compact tent growing format this is a very high number of plants. Sixteen plants can provide growers with substantial marijuana yields, making the investment well worth it.

This system is actually rated to grow up to sixteen pounds of marijuana per year, and that is not the heavier, wetter, freshly picked cannabis, but rather it is a reference to fully dried and cured cannabis which is much lighter. The makers of this grow tent by Super Star also stand behind their product with a three year warranty, so buyers of this model can have peace of mind knowing that if something breaks it will be covered. Featuring a Lumatek dimmable plus digital lighting system rated at 150w HPS/MH and a unique cloning chamber, this sixteen plant hydroponic grow box can really get the job done right.

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Hydroponics Accessories for Growing Marijuana Professionally

#1 – Mars Hydro LED Grow Light Reflector 48 96w

hydroponics led light grow marijuanaIf you’re looking for an optimal LED hydroponics grow light system, the Mars Hydro LED Grow Light Reflector is one of the most efficient and affordable options on the market today.

Retailing for very low prices, this LED hydroponic growing light features an Epistar High-Intensity LED design, with a power consumption rating of 120V. The dimensions of this lighting system are 12″ x 12″ x 2″, making it compact and easy to fit inside a hydroponics grow box. Also featuring a two year warranty, this lighting system can last a long time and even be fully protected if a part of it fails within the two year period.

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#2 – Magic Herb Dryer – 5-10 Plant Drying Box

marijuana herb bud dryer systemA true must-own for cannabis growers of all skill levels is a high quality plant drying box for when a crop has been harvested.

Having a quality grow box like the Magic Herb Dryer – 5-10 Plant Drying Box is the best way ensure that all of the hard work that went into growing the plants is not wasted by mold developing in the plants, or some kind of fungi or other pest invasion that can ruin finished plants. The Magic Herb Dryer unit retails for roughly $300.00, and is well worth the investment to ensure that you never lose perfectly good plants to mold or some other issue that can arise from improper drying methods. This unit has a carbon protected exhaust and intake system with two 80mm fans, and either 5 drying hooks or 10 depending on which of the two models you end up purchasing. The Magic Herb Dryer also uses an Ona Pro anti-odor system, so nobody will even know you are drying harvested cannabis plants!

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You Won’t Believe The Quality Of Cannabis Buds Grown Inside A Hydroponic Grow Box

Many marijuana connoisseurs out there who truly appreciate fine sinsemilla buds will probably already know the amazing reputation that hydroponically grown cannabis has. Hydroponic refers to cannabis that has been grown in a water growth medium instead of a more standard soil medium, and this allows for very precise nutrient control and makes a healthy environment for growing plants. A hydroponic grow box allows you to easily monitor the closed environment for pests like spider mites, or any other adverse factors that can damage the quality of your cannabis grow. For these reasons, the quality of buds grown in a hydroponic grow box can be genuinely world-class, regardless if the bud has sativa, indica, or hybrid genetics. Indica strains can do especially well in a hydroponic grow box medium, since their short and stout growth pattern is very productive in the confined space of the grow box.

Growing Marijuana Indoors Can Finally Be Odor-Free And Easily Concealed – Use A Hydroponic Grow Kit System or Cabinet to Grow Indoors Hassle Free

Fortunately through the use of an indoor hydroponic grow box, people can finally make growing cannabis indoors easy, odor-free, and concealed at all times. Typical hydroponic grow boxes will need to be tall enough to accommodate the hydroponic systems inside, and some example heights for these boxes are four feet tall, eight feet tall, or some other height in this general range. Since they are typically tall and rectangular, appearing almost like a refrigerator shape, hydroponic grow boxes are usually very easy to blend into your home making concealment a breeze. Additionally, most hydroponic grow boxes are going to either include air purification and filtration systems, or at the very least they will be designed with ports to accept this equipment. This allows the operation of your hydroponic grow box to not only be quiet and easily concealed, but very close to 100% odor free as well.

Using An Indoor Hydroponic Cabinet For Cannabis Cultivation Allows For Perfect Climate Control

Whether or not you have ever worked with cannabis cultivation previously, it isn’t hard to guess that basic climate conditions are going to effect the quality of any cannabis grow operation. Monitoring temperature, humidity, air circulation, and any other relevant climate factors is absolutely critical for the overall success of a cannabis cultivation effort. This is another powerful advantage of using a hydroponic grow box, in the sense that there is no better way to achieve a pinpointed and consistent climate state other than within the confines of your grow box. This is a particularly valuable aspect of the hydroponic grow box. It offers a level of climate stability you could never have with an outdoor grow endeavor, since an outdoor environment is typically going to introduce inclement weather in unpredictable ways that can severely disrupt or even destroy a cannabis grow operation in a matter of moments.

If you have never tried cultivating or consuming cannabis that has been grown using hydroponic methods, you simply must give it a try! Hydroponic growing systems and basic marijuana hydroponics grow box kits are easy to setup and operate, and yield some of the best quality cannabis found anywhere in the world. Considering the level of control and precision growers can achieve using hydroponic methods, it is no surprise that hydroponics grow box systems are skyrocketing in popularity. Start benefitting from the advantages and wonders of hydroponic cannabis cultivation today with a high quality hydroponic grow box! To help potential hydro growers select the best possible grow box setup, here are some recommended product options, along with some lights and drying equipment to consider as well.