Why Should you Grow Marijuana Using Hydroponics?

Growing marijuana with hydroponics has many advantages over growing in soil.

Crop yields are better, growth times are shorter and maintenance is easier.

However, hydroponics can have more start up costs due to the quantity of supplies that are needed. A quality hydro system that’s large enough to produce significant crop yields will not initially be as cost-efficient as growing in soil. However, overtime, hydroponics will provide a return on investment through better harvests.

We hope to make hydroponics more affordable for the average home grower. Growing marijuana hydroponically allows you to easily grow indoors with less maintenance and hassle. It’s our goal to provide cost-effective products that will bring hydroponics mainstream.

The advantages of hydroponics:

  • Faster plant growth
  • Better crop yields
  • Less maintenance and easier harvesting
  • More easily concealed than soil grown plants
  • No soil – ideal for indoor growing
  • No pesticides or nutrient pollution
  • Full nutrient level control
  • Water is reused within the system

Hydroponics is a method for growing cannabis indoors without planting in soil. Rather, nutrient enriched water is held within a container that the plants reside in. The roots of the plants have constant access to the water and are able to thrive without the presence of soil.